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LG Rhythm AX585 White

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LG Rhythm AX585 White

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LG Rhythm AX585 White

The attractive LG AX585 Rhythm is out for Alltel’s catalog. This phone is designed more for music than for any other service. LG AX585 has an FM transmitter and supports 3D sound, which is the best quality sounds in the market today. This phone, which offers more features than most iPods, offers a great deal to music lovers. Its MicroSD slot allows you to add up to 8GB of additional storage to its primary 80MB. The availability of Mp3 music player and the audio playback takes the phone a few notches higher than its rivals when it comes to music. Moreover, the phone has 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder, stereo Bluetooth and supports both 3G and GPS services.

Bottom Line: Another very exciting phone from Alltel is the LG AX585 Rhythm. In fact, its name `Rhythm’, is enough to describe this phone as it is specifically designed e for music lovers. Like the original LG AX585, it contains more features than most iPods. It has an expandable Micro SD memory card that enables you to store up to 8GB from the initial existing 80 MB. Moreover, this phone has the following high-end features: a stereo Bluetooth, a 1.3 Mega pixel camera and a camcorder, and offers both GPS and 3G services. This phone enables the user to get some of the best quality tunes in the music markets because of its FM transmitter which supports 3D sounds. This is the phone type that provides the biggest deal for all music lovers!

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