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UIQ Technology announces the 4th UIQ phone based on Symbian OS in under one year

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Dec 9, 2003, 10:51 PM

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CTIA Wireless, Las Vegas, October 21, 2003 UIQ Technology today announces that the Sony Ericsson P900 is the 4th smartphone to incorporate the UIQ user- interface platform. UIQ is the user friendly and customizable pen-based user-interface platform for media-rich smartphones based on Symbian OS. The Sony Ericsson P900 incorporates the UIQ 2.1 platform, based on Symbian OS v7.0. The UIQ platform is an intuitive mobile phone user-interface, combining rich application content, and easy navigation. Its ease of use considerably reduces the time between the moment users start using a mobile phone, to the moment they make complete use of all its applications.

The growth rate of UIQ-based applications is the fastest in the smartphone market since the first UIQ phone shipped in Q4 2002. Sony Ericsson P900 users can benefit from the large number of consumer and enterprise applications on the smartphone's integrated UIQ platform. There are currently more enterprise applications being created for UIQ than for any other smartphone based on Symbian OS.

Highlights of the UIQ functionality integrated in the Sony Ericsson P900 include:
  • Themes - the look and feel of the user-interface can be transformed with easily changeable color schemes, background images, sounds, skins and animations. New Themes can be downloaded and easily installed on the mobile phone
  • Messaging - SMS, EMS and Email
  • Agenda, Calendar and Contact management with personalization options
  • Excellent web browsing experience, including small screen rendering for better viewing
  • Remote synchronization over SyncML
  • Latest Java technology
  • Support for Infrared, Bluetooth and PC connectivity

For complete specifications of UIQ features and functionality, visit:

The user-interface (UI) is the software on a mobile phone that the user operates from the moment it is switched on to the moment it is switched off. A well-designed user-interface keeps monotonous tasks to a minimum and provides the user with as much functionality as possible to perform tasks simply and quickly.


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