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Metrowerks bundles CodeWarrior tools with UIQ software development kit

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Dec 13, 2003, 1:47 AM

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Symbian Developer Expo, LONDON - April 23, 2002 - Metrowerks is making it easier for developers to create applications and content for UIQ, a pen-based user interface designed for Symbian OS(tm) phones such as the Sony Ericsson P800 multimedia smartphone. The company has bundled its CodeWarrior(tm) Development Tools for Symbian OS with an early release of the UIQ software development kit (SDK). The bundle is available today from Metrowerks to members of the Sony Ericsson Developer World program.

Using CodeWarrior tools with UIQ, developers can create a wide range of content and applications. Symbian OS phones with UIQ are powerful enough to play games, display multimedia clips, emails and web pages, or scribble down some notes. By using a pen, the user can also navigate, write and draw faster and easier than with a numeric keypad.

"The UIQ beta SDK bundled with CodeWarrior tools for Symbian OS will provide members of our Developer World program with a head start in creating compelling content for our P800 multimedia smartphone," said Cyrus Allen, Vice President, Content and Applications, for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. "This is a perfect example of how our close relationship with Metrowerks allows us to deliver to developers the tools and services they need to be successful through the Sony Ericsson Developer World program."

UIQ is designed to make effective use of the Symbian OS phones' large, touch-sensitive color display, and to increase the effectiveness of the phone by enabling richer data services. UIQ can be run on screen sizes ranging from 6 by 8 cm down to 4 by 6 cm. This enables licensees to develop a range of phones -- each with a unique form factor -- targeting different market segments, all based on the same code line. The UIQ SDK can be used to develop content and applications for all configurations.

"By providing the UIQ SDK with the CodeWarrior tools, Metrowerks is making it possible for developers to begin creating exciting content and applications that take advantage of the rich user interface and data services capabilities provided by UIQ," said David Wood, EVP Partnering, Evangelism and Research, Symbian.

"Our decision to give Symbian developers access to an early release of UIQ bundled with our tools is evidence of our commitment to the Symbian platform and to Symbian developers," said John Smolucha, vice president of marketing, Metrowerks.

Sony Ericsson Developer World
Launched earlier this month, Sony Ericsson Developer World supports developers creating applications and content for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Working with Metrowerks, Sony Ericsson provides Developer World members with access to a range of services, including Metrowerks CodeWarrior development tools; technical support for SDKs and tools; online training; member and application certification; and interactive web services. For more information, visit

Sony Ericsson has chosen Ericsson Mobility World as a portal for their tools, support and services for the developers community. Ericsson Mobility World provides the perfect framework to interact with developers. With more than 26 local centers around the world, all providing the latest in wireless technology and exciting marketing opportunities, Ericsson Mobility World is an established framework that enables its members to focus on developing innovative solutions for today's wireless world.

Symbian content, including FAQ, code samples, discussion forums, and documentation can be found on the Ericsson Mobility World site.


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