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Ultra Dresses Up Screen Intelligent System Samsung Bada The Handset S8500 Promotion

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Feb 26, 2012, 9:17 PM

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The Samsung bada handset(wholesale china headphones) had promoted at present already the most new generation product, but old funds flagship handset S8500 in the market the selling well, the depth was still liked the consumer. Today the author from the market found, the power numerical code place this machine quoted price 2299 Yuan, like at present the friend might as well pays attention.

Samsung S8500 for the human the biggest impression was its fashionable feeling; the metal material quality fuselage has brought the very good use feel, and also appeared the unusual atmosphere in the impression.

The fuselage uses together 3.3 inches display monitors directly, the resolution for 480×800 the picture element, is in the present mainstream level.

What but is worth mentioning what is this machine uses is Super the AMOLED material quality display monitor, the detail demonstration is more exquisite, the color is more gorgeous, coordinates Samsung own Touch the Wiz 3.0 contact surfaces, not only the contact surface was magnificent touches controls is grateful also greatly strengthens Samsung S8500 to inherit the Samsung consistent characteristic in the contour design, was succinct and is practical, no matter were works or feel is the suitable splendor.

Samsung S8500 provides 5,000,000 picture elements the automatic focusing camera, biggest support photography size 2560*1920 picture element picture, and supports 720P high clear the video frequency record and the play backing function.

Moreover, the Samsung S8500 photography option appears quite specialized, has the white balanced, the effect adjustment besides the common handset photography function, but also supports photo sensitiveness adjustment (is also iso), to make public survey, policy, automatic control contrast gradient establishment.

Moreover also supports the present high-end photography handset(headphones wholesale china) quite popular person face recognition in the focusing pattern and touches controls focusing. In the hardware and under the software disposition so intrepid guarantee, the Samsung S8500 photography's photographic quality is quite good.  

Samsung S8500 disposes well, particularly the screen is very pretty, the being possible be called present 2000-3000 Yuan most over value handset(beats headphones china), likes the friend might as well pays attention to this model of product.

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