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The Ultra Cool NBC Handset

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Feb 26, 2012, 9:11 PM

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Sonim is one produces the handset production manufacturer which specially uses under the adverse circumstance, today slightly arranges must give everybody the introduction sonim xp2 is a section has the waterproofing, quakeproof, the dustproof function NBC handset, this machine has achieved the IP-67 protection standard, simultaneously the hale and hearty contour also causes this machine obviously man taste. At present this machine in the business Zhongguan Village special price handset net's quoted price is 2699 Yuan, is interested the friend may consider.  

In the outward appearance design, sees on unusual cool. The sincere fuselage, the black material quality, rough metal rivet this model of handset has nothing to do nearly with the present popular mirror surface technology.

What Sonim XP2 uses is the straight board design, 130×60×22mm the measurements let this machine seem, although is not big, but has the thick true feelings, 182 gram fuselage weights take in the hand also do not reduce effort. This machine used 1.9 British gun luo FT display monitor, the resolution achieves 240×320 the picture element together, the demonstration effect has been ordinary.

At the back of Sonim XP2 has used the big area engineering plastics material quality, behind the fuselage also the built-in 3,000,000 picture element camera, simultaneously provided double LED to make up the light lamp, photography effect basic satisfying Italy. Filters the mirror, the night scene pattern, the photograph, from the definition quality of picture, the white balanced photograph pattern establishment, generally speaking regarding a section of NBC machine, the Sonim XP2.10 photograph function is very comprehensive.

Not only are manifests regarding the NBC handset on the name, the NBC handset has oneself very strict standard rank test. Only then only then may become through these authentication's product is the NBC product, at present the international general standard is “IP-XX”, the digit is higher represents is sealing the rank to be better. Sonim the XP2 this model of handset seal rank is the IP67 rank, inside this is the highest rank specialized NBC handset (china headphones). Under this rank's product is under the process very severe experiment's survival, NBC performance and splendid.

Edition usually: Along with handset's day-by-day popularization, is also getting more and more rich about handset's segmentation market, the NBC handset took one to have the special expense crowd's product line also to obtain the effective retention(headphones from china).

In the NBC handset's NBC is refers to dustproof, quakeproof, the waterproofing, Sonim xp2, because unusual firm has received many sport amateur's affection durably. It May play the very splendid role in the middle of the outdoors adverse circumstance. Simultaneously this machine and the aggressive outward appearance and the comfortable feel the rubber material quality believed that will receive many people’s affections absolutely. From: headphones china

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