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The Ultra Cool Maneuver Dart Designs The LG Concept Handset Big Game Works Demonstration

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Feb 26, 2012, 9:14 PM

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From the overseas media's report, the LG electron recently had held a future concept handset design competition in North America, and announced and has demonstrated the first three award.   

What the first winner designs is a model of similar folding fan structure handset(buy headphones in bulk), this model of handset when folds may use the metal the digital pressed key to carry on the control, when after pressing the LG symbol the button, can assume V the glyph to open, by now arc screen this present existence, after launching the handset was the same on like a maneuver dart, but if really wants it to throw turns on lathe again, must use high strength flexible display monitor talent is Ok.   

The one who obtains second is a section of projection touch screen handset, this model of handset may operate the picture projection through the foundation to the table on, and the support user hand signal induction operation, achieves in the projection picture realizes with the touch screen handset similar touching use experience.

In addition this model of handset also supports the multi-user concurrent operation, i.e. may lay aside the handset on a round table, many users use a handset simultaneously to carry on including the homepage browsing, the game, the video frequency and so on different operation.

Last model of handset(headphones china wholesale) is one specially the gate handset which designs for the blind person, this model of equipment has used the wrist watch type design, when needs to telephone may dismantle, after firing off, may facilitate installs. Handset's pressed key uses the Braille design completely, can complete the commonly used handset function depending on the finger the complete operation.  

Moreover we looked again the very intimate handset instruction booklet work which designs in view of the middle-aged person and old person. Regarding the middle-aged person and old person, the study ordinary handset's function operation has certain difficulty, let alone intelligent handset.  

Now this section of design can effective improvement this situation, retain a handset(chinese headphones) real machine trough position in the instruction booklet, when reads the instruction booklet may defer to each page the explanation to carry on the operation to the handset, including installs assembly steps and so on battery, SIM card, as well as handset each function use.

This design proposal also includes a set of card system, each card representative has the different application operation, for instance increases the contact person, to dial telephones, the transmission short note and so on, each card has the writing to explain, and built-in has the wireless chip, when user card close handset, the handset main contact surface can transfer to the related function contact surface.      

Last is the labyrinth type instruction booklet, may through an opening instruction booklet detailed explanation tabletop icon function and the operation, the knowing handset main contact surface each icon function which the user may facilitate.
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