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High-End Solar Energy Handset Domestic Going On The Market

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Feb 25, 2012, 8:41 PM

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The high-end solar energy handset in domestic goes on the market. In the home, the solar energy handset was considered once that is a fraud. in 2008 once had period of time, in the television program everywhere propagandizes under the sunlight to charge 20 minutes, can talk over the telephone 8 minutes.

Under the light charges 20 minutes, can talk over the telephone 5 minutes, under candle's illumination the sufficient electricity, but can also talk over the telephone continually” “never power failure environmental protection solar energy handset(cheap bluetooth headset)”.

But after that the information industrial department telecommunication research institute China Tyre laboratory concerned expert then indicated explicitly that by our country solar energy installment manufacture level then, was still insufficient to make only depends on the handset which the solar energy can use, takes the Chinese handset examination authoritative organization the Chinese Tyre test chamber, also has not received any handset manufacturer to the solar energy charge handset new technology test application.

However after two years, the high speed development's solar energy technology actually lets the solar energy handset the myth turn the reality. According to reporter understood that recently handset manufacturers and so on Sharp, Samsung in domestic started to sell the high-end solar energy handset.

According to the Sharp business (China) the Limited company is related the person in charge to indicate to reporter that this company already in domestic promoted solar energy handset 6230C at present. Usually, charges 30 minutes to be possible to maintain the approximately 1 minute telephone conversation time, and has the approximately 2 hour standby times.

But if continues under the sun to charge surpasses 90 minutes, then may talk over the telephone continually 5 minutes, standby time surpasses for 6 hours.” This Sharp person in charge also in private disclosed that according to his colleague's experiment, in the sunlight shines in the full situation to pass through 1 hour the solar energy charge, realizes the telephone conversation time achieves unexpectedly for 21 minutes long time, has gone far beyond the technical parameter.

However, uses the non-sunlight photo source not to be able to guarantee may for the handset charge: “in uses indoor photo source this kind only to have in the specific wave length situation, is unable to guarantee May for the handset(cheapest bluetooth headset) effective charge.” Therefore, although the solar energy handset comes true, but by far has not evolved to depends upon under the candlelight or the light can charge.    

If in European and American or the Chinese market, the solar energy handset possibly means the environmental protection. But is quite deficient regarding the electric power, unstable Africa as well as Southeast Asia rural market, the solar energy handset, no matter regarding operator's management, regarding user's convenience, is one kind of gospel without doubt.

It is reported that falls behind the area in length and breadth Asia, Africa and Latin America, quite a part of additional handset user is unable to have the stable power source to go for the handset charge.

Recently, GSMA reported that the whole world has 1,600,000,000 people of not stable electric power supplies probably. But according to GSMA and so on related organization investigation discovery, this 1,600,000,000 people 30% actually has the handset(wholesale bluetooth headsets). This means that the probably 500,000,000 handset users are unable to charge stably.  

When these handsets can not but closes down because of the power failure, this can only bring operator's loss. Showed according to the GSMA investigation, if provides the power source for these users, then can promote the operator APRU value to reach 10% massively. This speaking of the global operator is 2,300,000,000 US dollar market spaces probably.

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