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Approach 853 - articles about Bluetooth Headset

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Aug 22, 2011, 2:13 AM

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853 finally came to Jinan, and I finally finished the work today to experience it. Yesterday, my friends call me said that there were three 853 in Carter offices in Jinan, so I cannot wait to go and see. Here is the MMS friend sent me with a 557 shooting yesterday.

So I went to the Carter Jinan company, the results of 853 so that the leaders to take out.

By the way, I had my friend, 853 had strokes input, although the keyboard does not, I guess the engineering machine, bring them back to their familiar functions.

I saw to a Bluetooth headset, here is my shot of the Bluetooth headset.

Can see that 853 headset is very personal, and in those letters ALCATEL sign above is SOUTHWING, on top of it there is only one key, this key role is to 1, switch Bluetooth headset(best earphones). 2, change the call volume. This design is similar to 511.512 of the OK button in the top of the key is the charging port, and MP3 as the interface. When wearing the ears after feeling very comfortable, that part of the headset earpiece protruding ears, just inside the card to, very comfortable. Disadvantage is linked to rotate in one direction only.

Because there was no 853, there is no way to test the Bluetooth headset (top bluetooth headsets), so I use the SE's K700C test it, the result is pretty good. 1, the call quality is very clear. 2, the search is simple. K700 came out with the search, display NEOVOICE USB, very convenient to use, is also very strong after wearing the headset. From: the best headphones
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