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Altec Lansing Headset: Altec Lansing UHS Headphones Create A "Music Heaven"

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Feb 23, 2012, 3:35 AM

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3G era, notice the iPhone's glorious future. The accessories associated symbiotic product replacement is also a vibrant scene. Not long ago, the world's most extensive empire Speaker - Altec Lansing introduced the UHP-series digital headphones(chinese wholesale headphones), regardless of performance or appearance from the point of view, the design of the headphones are a classic, so many friends with their proud .

Of these, undoubtedly the most impressive in the series won the popular UHP's Three Musketeers: UHP301, UHP306 and UHP307. A pleasant surprise is that now these three particular favorite romantic swordsmen by the President in the domestic market on the headphones to reproduce heroic, and before the difference is, they have a new designation: iPhone headset accessories UHS Series!

The name of the headset followed three digital models; only the letter prefix subtle changes have taken place: the original UHP headphones become into the iPhone headset now UHS301, UHS306 and UHS307.

The new ownership, the new designation, naturally there will be new features and more outstanding performance. In appearance, in addition to increasing the nuances of a microphone outside, UHS headphones basically inherited the UHP301, UHP306, UHP307 classic design. In real applications, UHS headphones(colour wear headphones) not only in full possession of all of the outstanding Series UHP place, and the new microphone, not only smooth music, also can be equipped with clear dialogue iPhone, allowing users to enjoy the experience the charm of 3G technology era .

As the era of the iPhone 3G headset, the music sounds excellent performance and high-clear voice quality are critical. UHS301 is dedicated UHS Series headphones ear headphones. First glance, the most obvious feature is its gel form, as if a wind blossom petals, very eye-catching.

In addition, the headset uses a moisture-proof design, attentive ear comfort, ideal for walking or sportswear outdoor use. Moreover, UHS301 ear headphones combine features of traditional headphones, the use of 15mmHigh Power Neodymium Drivers, so you hear the sound more layered. In particular, using gold-plated plugs UHS301 enhanced audio transmission quality. The answer key on the headset connection and volume control key, then it is filled with the color of 3G era.

Three headphones(bulk headphones cheap), Altec Lansing was undoubtedly the most compact UHS306. Its body weight only 9g, and is equipped with 66 ear set, user-friendly features of randomly selected according to their wear. Very light weight and a variety of different size ear plugs, so that the user did not feel unwell when wear.

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