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6600 Use Clip The S Subtotal

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Feb 23, 2012, 7:56 PM

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6600 uses nearly one year, always had been very already satisfied to this model of loom, is the handset which absolutely a section is worth having, but this model of handset has also inherited the S60 single track malpractice, often mentions, always in heart faint pain. However, the NOKIA loom will not always let you despair, because clip the s stereo sound blue tooth earphone's(cheap bluetooth headsets) appearance changed all these.

Although this model of blue tooth earphone the price takes 300 Yuan now, I could not bear the enticement purchase, presently the service condition summarizes, for everybody reference:
1. The contour is quite satisfied, moreover carries conveniently;

2. is easy with the handset pair, so long as according to the explanation operation then, some websites exposes 6600 to be able to use mpob_itech_v12b; I tried mpob_itech_v12c also to be possible to use, did not affect listens to the song;

3. After smooth broadcast, the acoustic fidelity effect may compare with

4.5 hundred Yuan MP3, lets you henceforth not receive the single track to listen to pain of the song, a character: Crisp

4. broadcast MP3 do not surpass 192KBP generally, otherwise is unable to broadcast normally;

5. When tin of song the operator opportunity creates the song interrupt, the Tathagata telephone, the singing sound interrupt, after the telephone had finished, the singing sound self-recovery;

6.6600 use this model of blue tooth earphone(wholesale bluetooth) only to be able to listen to the song, cannot use for to answer the telephone, or watch the movie;

7. installs the blue tooth earphone uses the software is not a player, therefore does not use time the earphone will not sing in a loud voice, can only use 6600 original MP3 to broadcast the software;

8. The earphone must charge alone, but long-term usage 5.6 hours.

In brief, I believe takes a blue tooth earphone(cheap bluetooth), its present performance-to-price ratio may, if you did not have MP3, should buy, I thought that was worth. But I must explain a spot, my feeling was this earphone has not been able to regard as is in the strict significance 6600 fittings, because when used the earphone, 6600 play saves the MP3 information the role and these message routing earphone, but the stereo sound was produces by the earphone, to might say that 6600 were the clip s fittings, because clip s was one does not have the memory MP3 player

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