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A bottle flew towards the stage once more and the band left.

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Sep 3, 2010, 4:24 AM

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  The Guns N Roses Dublin concert was another chance for Axl Rose and Woman Jeans “the most perilous band in the world” to cause a scandal.
  Axl Rose and his band (he is the only member left from the original lineup)Abercrombie Fitch Shorts hold went on stage a extremely long time after opening act Danko Jones.
  Guns N’ Roses went on stage an hour and a half after the opening act finished its Adobe Acrobat Fans were understandably getting mad and they started throwing bottles at the band.
  After 20 minutes, Axl Rose told the audience that, if another bottle is thrown, he and the band will leave the stage.Nike Shox R3 He added that the band was there to hold fun and hoped the audience was there for the same reason.
  A bottle flew towards the stage once more and the band left.
  They came back to finish the display about an hour later.Zumba Fitness Some of the crowd was already leaving.
  This is not the first time something like this happens. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Axl Rose has a history of incidents caused by being late for shows.


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