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What are the Benefits/Disadvantages of a Touch Keypad vs. a QWERTY Keypad?

It seems that there are weekly announcements of new gadgets in the digital world.  However are all upgrades for the better?  Smart phones seem to do just about everything lately; even programming your DVR at home no matter how far away you are.  Many cellular users are gravitating toward the use of smart phones because of the better sound quality and the technology available on them such as video and photo capture capabilities.

Many smart phones give the feeling of a pocket sized computer and that is exactly what some of them are.  One of the biggest debates among smart phone users is what kind of keyboard is best?  Two of the largest competitors of the smart phone world have made compelling arguments for each one.  So what are the differences?

The QWERTY keypad is great if you are a heavy user.  It is ideal for text messages, emails and even blog posts because of the greater speed and accuracy.  A QWERTY keypad also increases user confidence when they can actually feel the keys under the fingers.  For some users time is of the essence and the faster you can get that message out, the better.  One major factor that the QWERTY device has over the touch screen is price.  It is much more expensive to fix a touch screen phone screen than it is to have a regular one repaired.  As a matter of fact, some cellular companies still refuse to insure some of the more expensive handsets.

The touch keypad is usually housed over a sleeker interface and is ideal for gaming and social networking.  The platforms that are available on touch screen interfaces are usually better visually as well.  Touch keypads also eliminate the problem of accidentally dialing a person’s number while in the pocket or purse because most of them have to either be operated by stylus.  Other models such as the iPhone can sense the heat from a finger so it cannot be mistaken.

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