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Droid Fans, Rejoice! Google to Acquire Motorola’s Cell Phone Division

In a long awaited move that is sure to cause a much needed stir on Wall Street, Google announced this morning that it will be acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings.  Google CEO Larry Page says “The combination of Google and Motorola will not only supercharge Android, but will also enhance competition and offer consumers accelerating innovation, greater choice, and wonderful user experiences”.

This bombshell will allow Google to enter into direct competition with Apple, manufacturing their own phones rather than simply partnering with manufacturers.  The plans will not affect Google’s open platform Android system, and there are no plans to limit developer access.  This is intriguing, as there are 39 cell phone manufacturers that currently offer Android based phones.

Google will pay Motorola approximately $12.5 billion dollars, or $40 per share, in cash, according to the company’s press release.

What Will This Mean to Consumers?

Consumers, especially people like myself, who love everything about their Droids, are excited about the impending acquisition.  If Apple’s success with iPhone is any indicator, Google’s brand new plans to manufacture their own hardware instead of simply partner with manufacturers represents a major step forward for the operating system.

Interestingly, Google has no plans to stop other manufacturers from integrating the Android operating system into their handsets and tablets.  “Our vision for Android is unchanged, and Google remains firmly commited to android as an open platform and vibrant open source community”, said Android’s former CEO, Andy Rubin, who is now Google’s Senior Vice President of mobile.  “We will continue to work with all of our valued Android partners to develop and distribute innovative Android-powered devices.”

Greater competition tends to lead toward greater innovation, meaning that the newest offerings ought to be even more exciting than what is currently available.  Currently the most widely used mobile operating system in the US, Android boasts more than half a million new Android activations daily.  231 carriers in 123 countries worldwide offer Android smartphones.

Since there are so many choices, and as Google has no plans to keep this worldwide favorite platform to themselves, that can only mean that more good things are on the way.  That might mean new handsets and tablets, faster and better integrated operating systems that improve on Android’s already fantastic operating system, and even more fun and useful Android apps from software developers from around the world.  The bottom line?  If you love Droid, then you’ll probably love it even more a year or two from now.  If you are a staid devotee, dedicated to another operating system, you could find yourself drawn toward a Droid in the future!

Stand by for more news – Google plans to close the deal in late 2011 or early 2012.  It will be a while before we see the anticipated changes take effect.  For now, you can get great deals on Android based smartphones by companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, Pantech, and of course, Motorola.  Best of all, you can keep updating your Android operating system until new treats arrive!

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