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Virginia Study Reveals the Dangers of Texting While Driving: Pennsylvania Statistics Are Staggering

The following statistics are from a study that was done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.
Out of all of the cell phone related tasks:
•    Talking
•    Dialing
•    Grabbing for the phone
•    Texting
Texting when you’re driving is the most dangerous out of all of those tasks.
Out of all of the drivers the teen drivers are 4 xs more likely than the adult counterparts to get into near crash or crashes that are directly linked to talking or texting on a cell phone. A car driver that is dialing their phone is 2.8 xs more likely to have an accident than a driver that is not distracted.
Some additional statistics are as follows:
•    A driver that reaches for a cell phone or any other electronic device is 1.4xs more likely to be involved in a car crash
•    A driver that is speaking on their phone is 1.3xs more likely to be involved in a car crash
For every 6 seconds of time someone is driving the driver that is sending or receiving a text is spending 4.6 of those 6 seconds with their eyes off of the road. This actually makes texting the most distracting of all of the cell phone related tasks.
Truck driving statistics are as follows:
•    Truck drivers that text while they’re driving are 23.2xs more likely to get into an accident than a truck driver that is paying complete attention to the road
•    Truck drivers that are dialing their cell phone are 5.9xs more likely to get into a crash
•    The truck driver that’s reaching for their phone or another device are 6.7xs more likely to get into a trucking accident
Pennsylvania Cell Phone Car Crash Stats
Taking a look at Pennsylvania there are emerging statistics that talk about the connection of cell phone use and car wrecks. In the state of Pennsylvania there are currently no laws that regulate talking on the cell or sending a text message.
The following are some additional statistics of the state of Pennsylvania:
•    In the year 2008 there are a total of 1,298 related cell phone accidents. A total of 9 of those 1,298 accidents resulted in death
•    There were 1,093 cell phone related car wrecks and 6 of those were fatal in 2007
•    In the years 2003-2006 there were 50 deaths in the state directly related to cell phone use
•    Also in 2003-2006 the car accidents skyrocketed up 43%
•    2006 saw 241 accidents in the western part of the state
•    There were 5,715 car accidents directly linked to the use of handheld cell phones in the state from 2002-2006
•    There were a total of 367 accidents in that same period while people were using hands free devices or a Bluetooth
•    There were 1,170 car accidents in the state in just 2004 alone
You would think that these staggering statistics will lead to some type of reform in the state sooner than later.

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