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United States Cell Phones and Tablets Outnumber Americans

The amount of cell phones and tablets in the US now outnumbers the amount of people that live in America.

Associated devices that have an active wireless subscription raised in the 2nd quarter to 327.6 million. This information is according to a new CTIA report. The CTIA is a wireless industry association. This amount represents a 9% jump in the same period from the year prior. Currently, the population of the United States comes in at, according to United States Census Bureau reports, at 312.4 million.

Popularity of tablets and smartphones is growing at astronomical levels. You really saw this trend begin with the iPhone and the iPad and the inception of Android devices took it to levels never before anticipated. There is a 57% United States smartphone increase, and a 17% increase for tablets, bringing the totals to:

  • 15.2 Million Tablets
  • 9.5 8 Million Cell Phones

Americans have fallen in love with wireless technology and have continued reliance on getting the devices that are the most innovative and cutting-edge available on the market. We are using more and more wireless every single day, and the overall expert consensus is that there’ll be continued demand. In fact, the anticipated demand is so high, that over the next five years it’s expected to have a 50xs numbers skyrocket.

There is a change in wireless habits, and one sign of that is with all the additions in wireless devices there was only a 1% increase in voice minute usage, while there was a 16% increase in texting, bringing the totals to:

  • 1.2 Trillion Voice Minutes
  • 1.2 Trillion Text Messages

With that, there was an hundred and 11% wireless data traffic increase from just a year prior, totaling a bewildering 341.2 petabytes. To put this in megabytes perspective, 341.2 petabytes is 341.2 billion megabytes, just over the past year.

In order to keep up with increased demand, wireless carriers have made significant investments in their networks, topping $27.5 billion in the past year alone. This is a 28% increase from the year prior. A large amount of carriers are in various points of building out their respective 4G networks, with 4G offering more efficient wireless frequency use and faster speeds for the end-users.

Consumers some good news on this, as at the same time, average wireless monthly bills decreased from the past year. Noted by the CTIA is that there’s going to be a national need for additional wireless spectrum to relay the increase in data, especially with the rapid rise of the demands for data.

United States government has made the pledge to free up 500 MHz in wireless spectrum for mobile broadband usage. This would almost double the available amount of spectrum for use with wireless companies. Although there are some experts who state that even that figure isn’t sufficient to meet rising consumer demands, the 500 MHz will least delay the problem.

There is 20xs the capacity with 40 in comparison to 3G network capacity. When, by 2015, 4G networks are built out completely, it’s more than likely that mobile data traffic will have caught up.

In the meantime, all the wireless companies are doing more than fine. Wireless company combined annual service revenues were, in the past year, $164.6 billion. This represents an increase of 6% from the prior year.

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