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The Sanyo SCP7050, Rugged and Durable, A Perfect Choice for Senior Citizens

When it comes to cell phones for seniors there weren’t very many to choose from in the past but for the most part this is no longer the case. The SCP 7050 from Sanyo is a very basic phone which makes it a good catch for the senior. Along with that this phone is one that is very strong and resilient.
A basic phone is a good phone for an older person due to the fact that they are very easy to use and there aren’t the extremely complex and hard to work confusing features that come with a lot of the cell phones out on the market today.
With this phone you are going to get a little more than just the most basic phone though as it has other attributes. But rather than being a hindrance these features are going to add more value to being a compatible cell phone mate for the senior citizen. Let’s take a closer look at some of those features now.
The phone as talked about initially is a phone that is very durable. The phone is actually built to military specs and can reliably resist three very important things:
•    Vibration
•    Dust
•    Shock
There was one person that owns this phone that describes it as “built like a brick”. So why is this durability so important? There is a probability that things are going to be dropped by anyone let along an older person. With the resilience of this phone and its shock resistance the 7050 stays usable even if it’s dropped many times.
The durability that comes with this phone is in part due to the coating that is over it. The design is made for that of durability so it’s fully clad in rubberized non-slip material that is. It will be able to be held much easier making it much less likely to be dropped but if it is it can still be withstood and work.

The phone has a very large QVGA display. There is a two inch diagonal internal display. This size of display is much larger than those found on the more basic phones. There is a high resolution with many colors making this screen readable without much difficulty. There is also a one inch diagonal display on the exterior which will offer information on the battery life, signal strength as well as caller id.
The Sanyo SCP7050 has very large keys which are very easy to use. The keys have a bubble texture to them which makes it very suitable to an easy navigation and dialing. There is a blue backlight which makes it easy to see.
There are some other features that this phone offers:
•    SMS capability, text and picture
•    Voicemail
•    Email
•    Bluetooth
•    Speakerphone
•    Alarm clock
•    GPS
•    Push-to-talk ready
The phone doesn’t have a camera but it does offer some games for entertainment should the user want to take advantage of them.
Like all phones they have both advantages and disadvantages. The speakerphone is one area that has gotten some complaints that the user must be near the speaker in order to communicate effectively. It is also going to be a little more expensive than other phones but its features justify the cost.
All in all if the price doesn’t turn you off, the 7050 is an amazing choice and extremely advantageous for the senior citizen.

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