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Smartphones, What’s next?

Back in 1992 we were introduced to the first smartphone in Las Vegas at the computer industry trade show. The smartphone was named Simon and the features included a:
•    Touch screen
•    Calendar
•    Stylus
•    World clock
•    Calculator
•    Address book
•    Email
•    Fax
•    Notepad
•    Games
Smartphones have come so far in so little of time when you think about it. While there are so many of the original features that still come with the phones there is so much more now. There are things that have been added like GPS, digital cameras, contact management software, media software, QWERTY keyboards and more. We see so many different operating systems now too, through the Windows Mobile, to the Android from Google operating on a Linux based platform, etc…
With so much going on in the world of smartphones and the leaps and bounds we’ve made in so little time the obvious question that comes to mind is, what’s next?
Solar Panel LCD Screens
Over a year ago Apple filed for a patent on how they could incorporate solar cells into mobile phones by putting them behind the LCD screens. There is another company out of Idaho that has been working on a kinetic charger. Put those with some other green energy ideas and you’ve managed to get wireless energy for one.
You won’t have to worry about leaving your phone charge anymore. Sailors or other outdoor enthusiasts could use their smartphone as both a compass and a map on long week boat trips or hikes through just using kinetic or solar energy. Should something happen you can safely use your smartphone as a failsafe emergency beacon without having to worry about a charge.
Brain Machine Interface
There are some people that just talk about the future of smartphones being nothing more than just a bunch of gimmicks. We’re doomed to the future of the commercial sales points that anyone, even those without a marketing degree could come up with. Not likely. In the words of Wunsch-Vincent, “make the device as invisible as possible between you and what you want to do.”
Institutes and companies around the world have been doing research on something called BMI for years. BMI is a brain machine interface. There is a video from Honda floating around with their friendly Asimo. This is a humanlike robot controlled by a brain machine interface that Honda claims responds correctly to the thoughts of the human controller of 90% of the time.
There is a human brain computer interface that is being developed out of Berlin. While it’s still in its infancy it will allow you to be able to move a cursor around the screen and type a sentence in 5-10 minutes. While many of us measure ourselves in our words per minute typing speed but when it comes to ten minutes for composing a sentence for a disabled person that hasn’t been able to communicate in many years ten minutes comes in an instant.
The future is bright. We’ve come so far in so little time it’s amazing to think what’s coming down the road.

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