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Making a Difference, Recycling Your Old Cell Phone through Donation

Imagine 65,000 tons of toxic waste. Now take that 65,000 tons and know that that is the amount of toxic wasted produced by discarded cell phones every single year. This is where cell phone recycling becomes so critical. Every single cell phone that is discarded can pollute as much as 132,000 liters of water.
Currently there are over 500 million unwanted cell phones that are in homes waiting for disposal or leaking the following hazardous materials into the land/environment:
•    Lead
•    Mercury
•    Brominates
•    Cadmium
•    Arsenic
With the current trend of new features coming out all of the time the average cell phone life is now down to less than 18 months which will add over 125 million cell phones and their batteries into the landfills every single year or you could put it into the figure of 2 million toxic cell phones each and every week.
There are no federal regulations in the United States regarding requirements for cell phone recycling or donating and currently people aren’t taking it upon themselves as the figure for recycling or donating cell phones is less than 1%.
There is a bright side though. Cell phone manufacturers are beginning to notice the need for cell phone recycling and are starting to step up their efforts to stop this horrible environmental threat. The way this has happened is through cell phone take back plans, accepting unwanted phones at any of their retail locations. This has been initiated by all five major cell phone carries in the United States.
A phone doesn’t even need to have a wireless plan to be used for 911. Any phone that is donated can be used for this purpose.
This is something that is as important as it can be a lifeline for just some of the examples below:
•    Seniors that are living alone
•    Senior centers
•    Seniors with limited incomes and disabilities
•    Those subject to abuse, neglect, assault, etc…
•    Domestic violence victims
•    More
Making a Difference
Before you donate your cell phone you need to make sure that you erase all of the information that you have stored in it. This is going to include your contact list, texts, incoming and outgoing dialed and received numbers, etc…
Any cell that is just too old to be refurbished or used again should be taken to a recycling center to make sure that the toxins don’t harm the environment by being thrown away. All of the cell phones and their parts will be disposed of by the strict EPA guidelines.
Here are some of the stores that will have in store recycling bins:
•    Best Buy
•    Radio Shack
•    Staples
•    Office Depot
There are some others but these are the main ones.
You can send the unwanted cell phone the National Coalition against Domestic Violence through the following link.
Also Phones for Life which gives seniors their lifeline through providing them with a 911 capable phone. You can put them in a drop off or mail them by finding the information through the following link.
You can find additional information about donation and recycling through the following four websites:
•    The Recycling Alliance
•    Charitable Recycling
•    Collective Good
•    Wireless Recycling
Donated cell phones could literally save a life. Keep that in mind before ever throwing a cell phone away again.

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