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How to Lower your Cell Phone Bill

Now that cell phones have become something of a necessity rather than a luxury, we have all gotten used to paying for the convenience and enjoyment of having one.  If we aren’t careful, however, we can end up paying way more than we have to for the use of our phones.  There are so many plans available out there today that it’s hard to even understand what cell phone plan is right for us and how we can save money.  The cell phone companies are smart, too, because we have to lock in with a plan that can last upwards of 2 years to get the best rates.  With the market organized in this way, you can’t just switch carriers on a whim, you have to get the best deal from the carrier you currently have.  Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to save money on your existing cell phone plan:

  • Read your bill. This may seem like a real no-brainer, but many people don’t ever read their cell phone bills and are racking up charges they don’t even realize they incurred.  Each month, carefully check your bill for usage and for overages.  If you are consistently going over your minutes or text limits, you should consider a change in your plan.
  • Know how you use the phone. If you are on a family plan and have a teenager, you absolutely must have unlimited texting-unless you want to take out a second mortgage or tap into your retirement to pay your cell phone bill.  The average teenager sends hundred of texts every DAY!  An unlimited texting plan is only a few dollars per month per phone-way better than paying for those texts one by one.
  • Make the best use of your plan. If you have unlimited calls between your phones, avoid calling your home phone when you could call a phone covered on the plan. If the minutes between the phones are free, use them.  Likewise, if you have free evening and weekend long distance on your cell-take advantage of it and use that phone to make those calls rather than your home phone.  You may be paying the same amount for your phone service, but you will be using that service to the fullest.
  • Bump up to the next plan. If you have read your bill, know your usage and are using it the best you can, but still have overages, it’s time to change your plan. Call your cell phone carrier and have them set you up with a new plan that reflects your usage and saves you money.
  • Renew your contract. Many carriers will give discounts or specials or even free phones if you renew your contract with them before it expires.  This can save you tons of money and you probably never have to buy a phone.

Your cell phone bill is here to stay; in fact, many people are abandoning their landlines altogether.  With some attention and some smart planning, you can save money on your cell phone bill every month.

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