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Verizon Wireless Free Activation, November 25 to December 1st, not available in stores

Can you hear me now? If not, then now is the time to sign up for Verizon Wireless, the nation’s most reliable network. November  25th to midnight Monday Dec 1st, 2009, is offering FREE activation for new Verizon customers, and free upgrades for existing Verizon customers. That’s right, FREE ACTIVATION and FREE UPGRADES on Verizon!
You’ve seen their commercials, and heard their promises of crystal clear communication from anywhere in the country, so now experience Verizon wireless for yourself. Its fast, its easy, and best of all, its FREE.
New customers can save up to $135 in activation fees from Verizon wireless this weekend. Customers can get an automatic $35 credit from Verizon Wireless for each line of service they activate. This includes individual plans as well as family plans. For customers adding up to three additional lines, they’ll receive a $25 credit per line. So, take advantage of this great offer and upgrade the entire family to the nations best, most reliable network from Verizon Wireless.

Top Verizon Phones and upgrades have been:

1. LG VX5500

With the economy down in the dumps, it’s no surprise that the LG VX5500 takes the top slot. What’s so great about the LG VX5500? For one, the price. At a highly affordable $0, the LG VX5500 is one of the better free phones you’ll get from Verizon. This phone does the job it was built to do – make calls – and it also has a range of other nifty bonuses, such as a VGA camera, Bluetooth support and even some capabilities for light emailing and web browsing. In short, lots of features for an unbeatable price.

2. Palm Treo 700WX

On the other side of the coin, we have the Palm Treo 700WX – a compact, PDA and smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 5. With EV-DO support, Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a full QWERTY keyboard,  a microSD slot and a music and video player that supports WMV, WMA and MP3. You can even set videos as your ringtone, if you are so inclined. All in all, a good phone with many capabilities for keeping you productive and entertained.

3. Samsung Intensity SCH-U450

In third, we have a sleek, stylish text messaging phone. The Intensity has a physical dial pad on the outside and slides to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, GPS and plenty of room for adding applications such as instant messaging clients, email and web browsers. The music only mode lets you enjoy your tunes when on an airplane or in a low coverage area without draining your battery quickly. Overall, a decent phonef or texting, listening to music and hopping on the web.

Verizon Wireless is particularly good about offering affordable upgrade options that give you much-coveted features without charging you an exorbitant price. This lineup of popular Verizon upgrades is a testament to that. Curious about the rest of the top upgrades? Check out the rest of the list below.
4.    LG enV3 (2 colors)
5.    Blackberry Storm
6.    Samsung Smooth
7.    HTC Ozone
8.    Motorola KRZR Red K1m
9.    Motorola KRAVE
10.    Samsung Flipshot (2 colors)

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