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Did Life Exist Prior To Cell Phones

Out of all the ways there are to annoy someone, one of the best ways is by answering rhetorical questions. Personally though, I just can’t help myself. For instance:

Why Do ATMs in the Drive-Thru Lanes Have Braille on the Keys?

The answer is a simple one, money. It costs a lot more money to make two different ATMs that are only slightly dissimilar in nature, so it’s simply much more cost-effective to make all of the ATMs with braille on them. Also, a blind person could be a passenger in a vehicle going through a drive-thru ATM, so the braille lettering is a simple and unobtrusive way of accommodating them.

Life without Cell Phones

Writing for a cell phone blog I usually have cell phones on the brain, so whenever cell phones come up in the conversation I’m usually one of the first, if not the first to chime in. Oftentimes, people will inevitably say, “What in the world did we ever do without cell phones?” That could probably be brought more current with smartphones, but the same difference for the purposes of this piece.

I usually answer one of two ways. The first is that some things simply take a longer time to do. Can’t think of the validity of that? Just watch any movie or television show that was produced prior to 1995.

There’s an old episode of the ‘Cosby Show’ that puts the proof in the “pudding”. In this episode Sondra has a very nasty flu and Claire takes the situational opportunity to spend that day with her grandchildren.

The conflict of the episode is that prior to taking her grandchildren, Claire didn’t get consent from Sondra. Even worse, Claire didn’t go home so there wasn’t any way for Sondra to get ahold of her. So, hopped up on cold medicine, Sondra spent the entirety of the episode going through Brooklyn chasing after Claire, all over a simple misunderstanding. If you were to update this plotline to today, Sondra would simply just text or call Claire and the entire conflict would be resolved prior to the first commercial break even hitting.

The rest of the time, the simple response is that we got along without them just fine. This is something that I get reminded of every single time that I am rushing out of the house and leave my phone behind.

It seems that no matter how hard I try, there’s always something that I leave at home. I never forget my keys as I wouldn’t get far without them. I need to have my driver’s license, as well as money for the day, so the wallet makes the cut, well almost always. (Don’t judge me; we’ve all been without money when we reached the end of the checkout line before!) There are a lot of optional items though, like the movie that we leave by the door and forget to take to return, the package we needed to drop off at the post office. Even the cell phone, yes the cell phone, is able to be put into the optional list.

There really isn’t much I miss out on when I forget my phone. Here’s some of what I end up missing out on:

  • Trivial Facebook Posts
  • Unimportant Text Message About 3G Being Down
  • A Phone Call from That Same Person, Likely About the Same Thing As There Was No Message
  • One More Unimportant Text Saying That Things Were Back Up
  • Text Messages Just Saying Hello That I Responded To Later In the Night (They Didn’t Even Get Offended At the Late Response)

The bottom line is that I missed nothing and my day was actually more productive.

Years back, I was at the movies with one of my friends. As soon as I got settled into my seat I turned off my phone and made the suggestion that he did the same thing. His response was that one of his parents might have an emergency and need to call him. Although I didn’t say anything, the funny thing about it is that his parents are over 10 hours away. If there is really that much concern over a potential emergency perhaps he shouldn’t be 10 hours away.

Where the problem lies is within our mindsets. Our mindset tells us that we HAVE to HAVE our phones. We come up with all sorts of convoluted logic to make our case, and when I point out the fallacy in said logic, people just get mad.

Perhaps just saying, “I don’t know” would be much safer.

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