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Free Cell Phones for Senior Citizens and Those Who Need It through Safe Link Wireless: the family phone

The unfortunate circumstance is that a lot of senior citizens are not well off financially but yet they are still in need of some sort of communication device. Do any of the following questions apply to you?
•    Has your home phone been turned off?
•    Do you currently have a cell phone but you don’t have any minutes for it?
•    Are you simply unable to pay for a cell phone at all?
If any of those questions are answered yes how are you planning on contacting someone in case of an emergency? For many of us this isn’t something that we will have to worry about but for many people it is a very real problem and a problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution.
A lot of these people are seniors and they could easily find themselves along and injured without any possible way to contact someone should an accident happen.
There is a solution now. The government has come up with a solution to this problem through the offering of a free government cell phone. In addition to that there are monthly minutes. All of this is of course subject to qualification.
If you’re someone that is handicapped, currently draw disability or purely live on a very low income you can potentially qualify for this very unique program. Through working with Safe Link Wireless almost all states are offering a government funded program which allows qualifying citizens to receive both a phone and the minutes without incurring any personal cost.
Both the minutes and the phone will vary a little from state to state but regardless of the differences the core remains the same of the free phone with the free monthly minute allotment. If any of the monthly minutes go unused they will simply rollover to the following month. There are some features which will come free with the phone service as well, like call waiting, caller id and even a voicemail box.
Regardless of the state in which you live the phone is almost always just going to be offered to one person in the home. The reason for this is that the phone serves the purpose of being a family phone. You’ll most likely qualify for the free program if you are:
•    On food stamps
•    On disability
•    In a government housing program
•    A family member is drawing SSI

One additional qualification for the program is that you must have a physical address. The phone is going to be mailed to you and the program isn’t one that allows a PO Box, your address must have a physical location.
Before the phone is sent to you there will be some questions that you’ll have to answer and you’ll have to provide proof of income in order to participate. The phone must be and stay in the name of the person that has qualified to participate in the program.
Once you’ve qualified for the program and you get your phone it is yours to keep. Even if you end up dropping out of the program or find yourself better off and don’t qualify you can always just purchase minutes for the phone yourself.
There are annual verification audits that are done through the choosing a participant at random and they must prove their continued eligibility for the program. They are done according to law and are connected to the program.
Through applying and getting involved into the program you’ll no longer have to have the worry that there is going to be an emergency and you won’t be able to reach out and get help. The Safe Link Wireless program is something that can bring relief. It takes very little time and is well worth it to get the peace of mind that comes with the program.

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