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Free Government Cell Phone Plans

In an era when everything comes with a price tag and customers are doing all that they can to save money, you might have never thought that finding a free government cell phone plan would be possible. After all, Uncle Sam isn’t trying to give stuff away; he has so many programs that he is trying to run on low budgets, why would he give away something for free? Besides, wouldn’t a program that gives away equipment just be funded by more taxpayer dollars? Thankfully, all of these objections are myths and free government cell phone plans do exist. One such program is called SafeLink.
The purpose of free government cell phones is not socialistic. Like programs such as Medicaid and social security benefits, its focus is to help the economically underprivileged. SafeLink, for example, was begun in 1984 under the Reagan administration with the name LifeLine. Originally it was designed to be used with landline phones, but with the advent of the cell phone the program switched its focus to mobile service and was renamed SafeLink. One irony about the program is that in order to qualify for the modern version of this program, you need to live in a house that does not have a landline!
There are two typical concerns with the program. With massive deficit spending on the federal level, coupled with the recent recession (as well as fears that the recession could compound and become a real depression) is the government using taxpayer dollars to fund a program like this? And since a program such as this attempts to help a certain portion of the population that might be financially incapable of paying for a cell phone plan, would their being enrolled in such a program create a stigma? Would it be easy to find someone who is on this program because of the phone they own?
Thankfully, the government neither makes the cell phones for this program nor funds it. Historically, the government endorses free government cell phone plans, but instead of footing the bill for them, the government leaves this up to a private sector company. You as a taxpayer do not need to be concerned about taxpayer dollars being channeled into free government cell phone plans. At the same time, participants in this program do not need to worry about being obvious members of the program. Since a private sector corporation provides services, their cell phones blend in with the rest of the population. Over 2 million people were enrolled in the program last year – and most consumers didn’t even notice.
Free government cell phone plans might be helpful for your situation. SafeLink is just an example of a government-endorsed program. Possibly you know of a friend or relatives who are going through some financial difficulties and could use some assistance. Free government cell phone plans do not have to be permanent assistance – they might just be helpful until you get back on your feet again.

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