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Finding The Most Affordable Cell Phone Plans

Looking for a good cell phone plan that costs as little as possible? Lucky for you the competition for your business is huge right now, enabling the savvy consumer to find the most affordable cell phone plans in years.

Of course finding the most affordable cell phone plans requires a little research; not to mention a clear understanding of what type of service you really need. After all, it isn’t going to save you any money if you sign up for a cheaper plan and then pay high overage charges because your plan does not offer enough airtime minutes per month. So, before looking into plan options, think hard about what kind of service and options you need.  That way you will be able to strike those plans that don’t fit your needs from your list before wasting time going over them in more detail.

Once you have a firm idea of the service options and amount of airtime you will need, you can begin looking at different plans to choose the most affordable one.  There are two good times to strike a deal:

  1. as a brand new customer – most service providers offer low-cost start-up programs for brand new customers to reel them in.  Be careful though that the fees don’t jump too high once your introductory period is over.
  2. as a renewal customer – service providers understand that as your service contract expiration date nears you may begin looking for a cheaper rate plan. This is a good time to strike a deal for better and cheaper service.  Use your customer loyalty as a deal-maker. Companies now that the longer you stay with them the more likely you will stop looking for other service later on, so they are more than willing to do whatever they have to to keep you know and in the future.

Keeping these main deal-making times in mind, be sure to make some sort of personal contact (either in person or over the phone) when scouting out a cheaper plan. Sure, the internet may yield some savings, but most customers find that actually  talking with a sales representative can help them devise a better (and cheaper) plan.  Besides, you can always mention that great internet deal when talking with a sales representative. The odds are good they can match it or better.

When speaking with a specific company, be sure to list all of the things you want, and ask about discounts to have certain options taken off your plan if you don’t want or need it.  For instance, if you do not need three-way calling, ask if you can either trade that feature for another or get a small discount on your monthly service.  Some companies will work with you to customize a plan; others will not.  The key to finding the most affordable cell phone plans is to not allow yourself to being talked into any features or options that you do not want or can not use.

Next, be sure to play one company against another. You can use comparison tool to see the difference between companies.  If you have done your homework you can easily cite a few other competitor’s plans that you like and ask if there is any way you can get a better deal with the company your are speaking with.

Finally, be prepared to say yes.  It is okay to think about your choices, but once you have begun negotiations with a provider, you may be required to make an instant decision in order to get the deal being offered.  Know your bottom line and exactly what you are willing to pay and be ready to say yes when a company finally meets your demands – otherwise you may lose a great offer!

Finding the most affordable cell phone plans isn’t as hard as it used to be.  With so many different providers out there know offer such a variety of service plans, just about anyone can find an affordable cell phone plan that won’t break their budget.

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