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AT&T Senior Friendly Cell Phones, Senior Nation 200 Plan

While AT&T doesn’t have a specific cell phone designed solely for the senior citizen in mind it does have a cell phone plan that is designed for seniors. While they don’t have the phones specifically for seniors millions of the older generation doesn’t really have the need as they are more accustomed to using a more traditional cell phone and are actually quite at ease using them.
The thing that AT&T does offer though is the cell phone plan that is specifically designed with the needs of seniors and the aging customer base in mind. Those people that have reached retirement, have all grown children and those that might require a smaller minutes bundle for any other reason are able to realize the cost savings that is associated with lower cell phone usage.
The cell phone plan is the Senior Nation 200 plan. What this plan offers is any users that are over the age of 65 will get the following:
•    200 anytime minutes
•    500 night and weekend minutes
•    Unlimited mobile to mobile calling
All of these options are available in this plan and it is only $29.99 per month. Just like with any regular cell phone plan there will be no long distance charges and additionally there will be no charge even if the customer should be roaming.
There is a 45 cent per minute charge for any minutes used beyond the plan allotment and there is a two year contract required.
There are a couple phones below that are the more traditional type of cell phone that could easily double as a “cell phone for seniors” due to some of the features they come with. 

AT&T PanTech Breeze
The PanTech Breeze is claimed to be able to be a senior friendly phone. Some of the features offerings are:
•    A clear speakerphone
•    Loud clear volume
•    Large buttons which are well spaced for easier dialing capability
•    Three programmable quick call buttons for easy dialing
•    Large fonts
•    Simple menus
Even though the cell phone is a more basic phone the phone does offer additional functions that its competitors don’t offer that will be appreciated by the senior that is more confident and wants to use a more modern cell phone while still having some of the senior friendly features.
The additional offerings are:
•    VGA quality camera
•    Downloadable games
•    Ringtones and wallpapers
•    Text messaging capability
•    Picture messaging capability with sound
•    Web browsing
•    Bluetooth
This phone is available for no cost when the customer purchases a two year qualifying plan.
The final phone we’ll quickly talk about is the AT&T Nokia 6085.
AT&T Nokia 6085
This phone offers the following options:
•    Large and simple keypad
•    Hearing aid and TTY compatibility
•    Speakerphone
•    Voice dialing
•    Voice driven menus
It also comes with all of the features that a more experienced cell phone user would want:
•    Multimedia messaging
•    Web browsing
•    MP3 player
•    Digital camera
•    Much more
This phone is also free with the purchase of a qualifying plan.

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