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Android Versus the iPhone, what’s The Big Difference?

We used to always want the Swiss Army knife when we were younger. It was the one device that had everything with it and we just “couldn’t” do without. When it comes to the knife of this century, it certainly has to be the smartphone:

  • It’s uses are endless
  • It’s definitely really cool to have
  • It’s becoming a essential device that all man must hold with them

The only divergence is that the smartphone carries with it a much steeper cost and their definitely not designed as equally well.

When it comes to smartphones and popularity there are two that go above the pack as the real leaders and that’s the iPhone from Apple and their worthy opponent, the Android operating system platform from Google.

Before we begin there’s something that we have to be completely clear about. There’s actually no one “authorized” Android phone. This is the same premise as there’s no one “authorized” Windows PC. Android is just the name of the operating system that was built by Google for the mobile platform. So with that in mind it is fairly hard to compare the iPhone and the Android platform to each other without being somewhat biased.

With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how the two giants stack up against each other.


Right now the iPhone only works within the AT&T data network though that’s something that could change soon. Android isn’t limited at all in this way. If you find that the AT&T network is just too slow for you or you dislike it for any other reason, you can get an Android phone which will work for you through almost all major cell phone providers.

The Applications Question

When you mull over the applications that are obtainable for the Android platform and the iPhone this is something that’s the most pronounced. Apple has made the humongous number of applications that are available in their iTunes store something of a chief sales point for their iPhone. There are definitely not as many applications available within the Android application store, but this is where the lack of restrictions will come into play.

You can install applications from websites and all of the other corners of the internet with the Android platform and that’s something that you cannot do with the iPhone.

What that means is that you might find an application which is made by a developer anywhere which allows you the ability to completely change your screens layout, or do one of thousands of possibilities that Apple refuses to let their developers offer. Essentially what this means is that the iTunes store is something that won’t display any application which would threaten either Apple or AT&T’s business along with no application which might potentially be hurtful. Android doesn’t enforce any rules of this nature.

Even though you don’t have as many Android applications available at this time you still get most of the major applications with both of the stores so you’ll not miss out on much and likely wouldn’t even notice with Android.


Many of the iPhone’s functions seem to work much more instinctively than those on the Android phones. The reason for that is the fact that the iPhone and its OS were designed to specifically go with each other. On the other hand Android was planned to be able to be used on a large assortment of phones and by an assortment of different manufacturers.

If you’re only looking for the factors of “cool” and “wow” than the answer is fairly simple. You’re much more likely to be awed with what you can get from the iPhone. Keeping that in mind most everything that’s offered with the iPhone is also available on the Android phones.

You want to have the internet and visit websites? Android is able to get you there. You need to have a touch-screen? Android phones can get that for you too. In fact, one of the very best phones running Android available right now is the Nexus One, and that’s a phone that has a completely natural feel.

What it comes down to in the end is personal preference. You can’t really go wrong with either device.

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